About Us

EmilyandRafael_Wedding_060416_Finals_BSP-284That’s me (Emily) and my husband Rafael. American and Brazilian born, respectively. We met in NYC at a dive bar outside of Times Square where you can get $3 Bud Lights and free hotdogs. Romantic, isn’t it? Well, we both found our way to The City after giving up jobs and moving on a whim. He gets more credit since he moved from a tiny island in Brazil. I only moved from North Carolina. This is what keeps us together – this constant need to be anywhere that we are not.

Our current situation has us still in NYC waiting for the government to present to him a tiny, green card – small enough to fit in his wallet – that tells him he’s allowed free movement without question. Our advice: don’t expect anything to work in your favor when it comes to the government. Seems obvious, but this process will bring you down!